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Winter Health & Wellbeing Events Summary!

This article will share what has been happening locally during these winter season!

Summary of our last Event!

On Thursday 27th of October Streatham AT Medics PCNs part of Operose Health Group hosted a Community Health and Wellbeing day at 2-8 Gracefeild Gardens Health and Social Centre From 11-4PM.

The day was facilitated by Social Prescriber Michaela with support from Care Coordinators Ricky and Aurelio.

We were able to have up to 90 patients receive support from services that hosted information stalls.

5 services joined our wear it pink campaign to support breast cancer awareness!

Services that collaborated with us was:

Health Watch Lambeth, South London Cares, Clear Community Web, Age UK Lambeth, Kings College Hospital Breast screening team, Cancer don’t let cancer win C.I.C,

In Health AAA screening team, Simi Community catalyst developer St Margaret Hub Simi

Food For Purpose

Lambeth Wellbeing Ambassadors

Clifford Social Prescriber representing Streatham PCN

Operose Health Patient Research Team

Simi and Little Big Peace provided sample shoulder and neck massages to improve wellbeing for 18 patients!

Some of the feedback received:

“ There’s not enough male cancer awareness especially in the black community today, I learned so much I’m joining their monthly peer support group”.

“That massage was amazing, I think things like this should happen more often”!

"Bringing the community together to find out what support is available is so Important, I'm looking forward to the next one"

Thank you to all the services that collaborated with us we look forward to more events throughout 2024!

News from Hill, Brook and Dale PCN

Here are some great outcome measures from their 1st Cancer Screening Awareness event!

Thriving Stockwell Update!

Do you speak Spanish or Portuguese?

Are you interested in improving health and wellbeing?

Why not join your local community in Stockwell and make some new friends!

News from the Fatherhood institute!

Local warm space!

St Margaret winter welcome started on Saturday 13th of January!

Join Zumba and Flamenco dances in the afternoon 🤩

As ever stay safe and stay connected!

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