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Sharing News from our Local Community!

Please see below very exciting announcement from Clear Community Web!

We are pleased to announce that we will run our new in-person Digital Volunteer Training at WLM St Lukes.

Over 4 monthly sessions volunteers, staff, group leaders and community connectors will get an insight into how to practically help people with their devices.

We take a person-centred approach in all the work we do and this has enabled us to work with over 500 people in 2022 alone.


Do you volunteer or work in the community and support people? Learn our people first approach to build confidence with technology.

Our person-centred approach to helping people with technology can help you understand various motivations as well as the challenges, barriers and underlying assumptions which can affect a positive outcome for a local resident or family member.

Active listening, observation and exploring together are critical to this being successful.

As staff and volunteers this also allows people with all abilities to help someone else as well as to learn a variety of skills. Importantly, you should have the tools to support the people you work with better!

The objectives are:

  • To understanding the challenges in supporting people.

  • To develop a person-centred approach over a technical one.

  • To provide a framework to help start or support a digital support programme within an organization or community project.

  • To practice and develop skills to assess and assist learners both remotely and in-person.

  • To become familiar with other support and resources available.

Over 4 monthly sessions we will cover:

  • What skills you need

  • Setting goals, assessment & pathways

  • Observation and physicality.

  • Working with different devices and setting them up

  • Giving instructions, working with activities and exercises

  • Common challenges

  • How to apply this to your own learning journey

To extend your learning you will also have the opportunity to practice what you have learned through our programme of Mobile Phone Boot Camps and Digital Drop-Ins.



Do not hesitate to contact us with further questions

Caspar Kennerdale

Managing Director

ClearCommunityWeb CIC

As ever, stay safe and stay connected!


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