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Count Down To South Asian Wellbeing Event!

Come along to our South Asian Health & Wellbeing Fair🥳

Hosted by Health Watch Lambeth and Streatham PCN

On Friday 2nd February at Gracefield Gardens Health Centre

2-8 Gracefield Gardens SW16 2ST From 11am-2pm

Meet with local organizations Age UK Lambeth, Clear Community Web, Cancer Don't Let it Win and Social Prescribers. Join the interactive GP Talk at 12pm🤩

We hope to see you there!

News from Its a Playground!

Our next Face-to-Face Refresher is being held on March 8th at the beautiful, welcoming Art4Space studio in Stockwell, London.

This is the perfect opportunity to update your skills and connect with other MHF Aiders IN-PERSON.

The crew at Art4Space will also be kicking off the day by running us through a creative mindful activity, to support our wellbeing.

Your certification technically lasts for 3 years post completion of your course, however, it's best practice to refresh your skills and mental health awareness knowledge much more regularly than that!

If you complete a half day Refresher course OR a full Mental Health First Aid course, you now get access to:

- Support for MHFAiders® from MHFA(England) – well beyond initial certification – so people feel more confident, empowered, and motivated to carry out the role.

- MHF Aiders® get automatic digital support through the MHF Aiders Support App®. From there they will find exclusive resources, ongoing learning opportunities and the benefit of joining England’s largest community of trained MHF Aiders®

If you train with It's a Playground (IAP), we'll also give you FREE access to monthly live interactive online health/wellbeing education workshops with our expert trainers!

The Refresher half day course is £150, which we run from 9am - 1.30pm which includes additional personal or workplace action planning time. Head to our bio to register for the next courses. If you're on low-income, joining from a charity or a Lambeth local, please let us know and we can discuss any available discounted places with you.

News from Streatham Action!

Streatham Action has set up a Streatham Health & Wellbeing small grants fund for local people and organisations supported by Lambeth Council and Lambeth Together.

The first round funded seven amazing groups, varying from health and wellbeing projects, a Men’s Walk n talk, pre and post natal yoga, help with sleep and a choir for older people.

Are you a local resident, voluntary or faith group, charity or organisation committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our community here in Streatham? If you have a new idea which needs funding to get started, or already running a programme that needs more support, you can apply for funding from £250 up to £2,500 for projects, events or activities that will encourage better health and wellbeing. They might include:

  • Healthy eating,

  • Physical activity,

  • Mental health and wellbeing

  • Promoting healthy use of public spaces

  • Addressing health inequalities or

  • Promoting health through arts and cultural activities

Our second funding round is now open and will close on 26th February 2024. We will be running sessions and workshops for you to find out more, ask questions and for us to give you support for your application. Your community needs you!

To find out more please email for further details.

As ever stay safe and stay connected!

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